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The central theme of the Qvasi collection is change and dynamics, which is why objects either capture an impossible moment of change or are in constant change themselves, containing mobile elements such as water, fluorescent powder or semiprecious stones. Qvasi is about the interaction between the wearer and his jewel, the latter being an initial static object, which is waiting to be brought to life by the possessor. The fluorescent pieces are inspired by bioluminescence. They incorporate unique pyrite crystals and have a whole micro-universe within and are reminders of the mesmerizing underwater world, full of shades of blue, turquoise, transparency and rocks. From the material point of view, the collection is the result of a process of exploring and joining classical materials (copper, semiprecious stones, etc.) with experimental materials used in jewelry making (wax, ink, etc.).

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14, Benjamin Franklin, Bucharest (click for map)
on the righthand side of the Romanian Athenaeum

+4 0754 041 735
Tuesday - Saturday 11:00am 7:00 pm
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